Opinion on Mikel Celtic harps New Industry

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    hermano on #217277

    Hi everybody
    So my name is Herman,
    I am new to the band and I am African precisely in cameroon for those who know the country!

    I want to get started learning Harp and as the harp prices are not really affordable to everyone, I was looking for a harp that really fits my budget right now. So, I came across an advertisement from a mikel Celtic harp company that is a young industry from Pakistan Hem and I could see their products even at their official website ( http://www.mikelharps.com ).

    However, I would like to know if there are any who have ever used this harp here, who use it even now or who have already heard about it?
    In terms of the quality of the levers, wood and especially the sound how do you find it ???

    Really those who have this harp or who uses it now I really need your opinion to decide me and why not not regret my choice after

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    wil-weten on #217278

    This is part of what I wrote in another thread on this forum on 9 May.
    “Gordon Johnston, a pedal harpist wrote two years on this forum at https://harpcolumn.com/forums/topic/mikel-celtic-harps/page/3/ about his experience with Mikel Celtic Harps (see for more information his blog on https://mymikelharpexperience.wordpress.com/ about his, after all, rather positive experience with Mikel Celtic harps. These harps are built in Pakistan and the builder has been actively working to improve the quality of the harps he builds.”

    Mr. Johnston was enthousiastic enough to be willing to appear in a video of Mikel Celtic Harps and praise these budget harps.

    I don’t know whether he still reads this forum (three years have passed since his first and only reply to this forum), but maybe he reads follow-up messages, so you could try to post in this thread: https://harpcolumn.com/forums/topic/mikel-celtic-harps/page/3/

    hermano on #217279

    But is it the only one person who had had good experience with those New harps ???

    My preoccupation is more oriented to those who are using it actually or had used mikel harps before. Other people than that Mister johnson

    hearpe on #217281

    I have both a Mikel Celtic 34 Saffron and a 26 Saffron got a year apart several years back, and have had no bad issues with them except for a lot of the original nylon wound strings breaking rather quickly. The 34 harp I’ve replaced the lower first octave with all steel strings I got from Dusty Strings and the Ravenna strings fit them well except for the winding rising slightly past the pins. I have had no trouble with them though. The 26 I eventually eliminated the lower wound stings and have all monofilament nylon strings I also get from Dusty. I may eventually go back to several wound strings there, but it’s a good little harp the way it is.
    The harps have the round backs and a very thick base, so are a little bit on the heavy side, but the weight isn’t much about the soundbox so the sound is pretty nice in my opinion, not having had much to compare it with.
    I got them when they were first available at much less cost than they are now, and as all harps at the lower end have spiked considerably in price the past couple of years.
    I have gotten significant improvement from the Saffron 26 by sanding the interior of the sound box and enlarging the sound holes. I have also removed the lower base opening the bottom sound hole to match the one the 34, and so the harp is several pounds lighter now as well. The full levers on both are effective and I’ve had no particular issues with them outside of having to slightly reposition a few on initial set up.

    Overall a decent playable harp at a more affordable price. They might do well for their own shipping purposes to keep the weight of the harps down by lightening the base and the top harmonic curve could be flattened a little I think.

    Overall I’m pleased with mine.

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