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    I’m getting closer to getting my own L&H prelude and hopefully I’ll be able to finance one this month!

    I have a small car so I’m looking into options to transport the harp from L&H to my house. Its about 8 miles but I was wanting to avoid taking a cab as it seems like all my cab experiences here have been with crazy cab drivers. Unfortunately, anyone I know w/ an SUV are people that I work with and I can’t ask someone to take off the day from work to help me out. I was looking into rideshares (like Lyft or Uber) but 1. I don’t know if thats much better than a taxi and 2. I don’t know if they have any restrictions against transporting more than just passengers? I’ve emailed them to see what they say.

    I’m too young to rent a car for a day, I think the age is 25? I think my only other option that I’ve found is maybe to rent a UHaul cargo van? Which leads to my next questions

    -If anyone has any other suggestions or opinions on rideshares etc… let me know because I’d appreciate any advice

    -If I did end up renting a cargo van, what is the best way to pack my harp in there? I don’t want it to be moving around back there and I’m not going to have anything else in there so its like a 5ft harp in a 9 ft cargo van and I don’t want it to be unsafe or chance it getting damaged. I am only going 8 miles but I’ve never packed a harp like that in a car before. Do I just bring a lot of blankets and lay it down? Should I see if theres any way to strap it to the side of the van?



    Congratulations on being so near to getting your harp! I was wondering if L&H offer delivery service? Might be the most straightforward and safest way to get the harp home.


    well L&H will know a reliable and friendly taxi firm and be able to advise, after all they are local and always dealing with harp taxis in the city……. I went there in 1992 – they also said DON’T WALK, for safety’s sake.


    I can’t believe I didn’t even think of that sooner lol

    I’ll definitely ask them, thanks so much!


    Okay so FYI in case anyone is in the Chicago area and didn’t know, L&H does deliver. I’m 8 miles west of the city and they charge $50. I’ll probably end up doing that.
    Thanks for contributing to this thread 😀

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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