Once Upon a Mattress

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    Robin Dorer on #160201

    My niece’s high school will be performing Once Upon a Mattress in November.

    catherine-rogers on #160202

    I’ve played it twice although it’s been a while. I don’t think it can be done on lever harp without omitting a lot. There’s one place in particular (Song of Love) that’s difficult even on pedal harp because it’s a series of descending fifths that’s chromatic, exposed and fast. You should listen to the original Broadway recording (1959, Carol Burnett) to hear what you’ll be dealing with. The recording for the 1997 revival with Sarah Jessica Parker does not list harp in the orchestra so I’m assuming it was re-orchestrated without harp (shame but unfortunately not uncommon these days).

    Are you accustomed to playing in an orchestra and following a conductor? Playing in a show’s orchestra pit is all that and then some.

    Robin Dorer on #160203

    Thanks for the input.

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