On Willows and Birches

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    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #145967

    The new concerto by John Williams, On Willows and Birches, can be heard in part on YouTube, in a promotional sort of video made with the harpist, Ann Pilot, the composer, John Williams, and the conductor, James Levine.

    I believe it is likely to become a piece we will all have to learn and adopt as standard repertoire. It seems like an expansion of the harp writing he did in his movie scores, for better and not. I kind of wish Ann had told him

    HBrock25 on #145968

    Fantastic Saul, Thanks for drawing our attention to this, very exciting.

    Best wishes,

    Brandee Younger on #145969

    And the piece is absolutely beautiful! 1st mvmt is based on the text, “we hanged our harps upon the willows” from Psalm 137 and is marked ‘dreamily’.

    Donna O on #145970

    I actually purchased this for download this afternoon off of Amazon website today.

    rosalind-beck on #145971

    Thank you so much for this information, Clinton. It is available for download at a cost of $2.58 at iTunes ($1.29 for each of two movements).

    eliza-morrison on #145972

    Ann truly deserves this honor. She is a great musician teacher and person, and has had a wonderful career, worthy of celebration.

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