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    Cassie M on #158971

    I’m sure these topics have been brought up dozens of times but I really can’t find exactly what I’m wanting to know. I’ve been playing the harp for nearly a year and at my age, both my previous teacher and current teacher suggest moving up to a pedal harp. I really am at the “ideal” age for it. I can easily say I have advanced past my Ravenna 26 as most of the pieces I am trying to play call for a bigger harp. The suggestions to get a bigger lever harp were great, but as I am hoping to pursue harp in college I will be needing a pedal harp soon enough.

    Some questions/thoughts…

    I’m 5’4” and won’t be growing anymore. I feel a bit overpowed by some of the concert grands I play on, although I think that would be my best bet. Any opinions? I really have no idea if I should just go with the concert grand or something smaller, which is normally more affordable.

    I’ve always been partial to Lyon and Healys but I’m purchasing this pedal harp on my own. At my age, that can be unheard of to buy something so expensive without a parents help. So I would need to keep this in the budget of $15,000 or less. Are the Chicago series good? I’m really interested in the CG from the Chicago series…

    Would used be a better option? I’ve found some I’m found of that are used but sometimes it just seems “safer” to buy a Chicago series Lyon and Healy for the same price brand new.

    Thanks everyone!

    kay-lister on #158972

    Hi Cassie,

    I am 5’4″ and have a L&H 85 E Concertino.

    Cassie M on #158973

    Thanks Kay for the advice! I looked at that old thread and that does look like a great size! Thank you! I’ll definitely look into that option! Its very beautiful.

    Pat Eisenberger on #158974

    My teacher is well under 5 feet tall, and plays a full size concert harp (L&H Salzedo). Perhaps it’s a bit like the time she told me that my hands would “stretch.” At first I could span only 7 strings – now I can span 9. Perhaps your shoulder muscles will stretch the more you attempt to reach. A teacher should be able to tell you if they have experienced this with any student.

    Best of luck in your harp search!

    brook-boddie on #158975


    I can give you some feedback on the L&H Chicago series.

    sherry-lenox on #158976

    My experience with the L&H CPO program has been very good.

    As for size, my teacher is a very small woman and she handles a Salvi (I think it’s a Diana, but definitely one of Salvi’s larger harps) with no problems. When I started playing her harp I felt it was overwhelming, but after about six months of lessons once a week on it, it feels perfectly comfortable and natural. I do have to remind myself though, to really reach for the “A” pedal, since the pedals on my smaller harp are closer to my feet.

    Maria Myers on #158977


    What kind of pedal harp do you play?

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