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    Biagio on #242399

    We often have questions here that can better be addressed through some understanding of how lever harps are actually designed and made. While there are a few publications out there, they are mostly geared to the prospective harp maker; two are meant for the player* but they don’t address questions such as the possible sound board materials, strings and vibrating length, the shape of the box, and so on. To understand that stuff requires some research beyond asking others what their preferred models might be.

    I have tried to address such topics but what I have shared did not come out of the blue so here is a suggestion: read what actual harp makers have to say in their commentary and blog sites. They are in the main quite unbiased and have a lot of information.

    I particularly suggest the following: Rees Harps, Dusty Strings, Thormahlen and Sligo Harps. Nothing is overly technical and by thinking over what these top notch makers have to say a player will have many questions answered.


    *Trouble Shooting Your lever Harp (Kolacny) mostly concerns “hunting the buzz”
    *The Harper’s Manual (Riley) covers a broad range of topics but only briefly on harp designs

    balfour-knight on #243430

    Great advice for all of us. Thanks, Biagio!

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