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    coz25474 on #256748

    Greetings all. New to the forums. Got my harp about 1970. It’s a Lyon and Healy, serial #481. 45 strings, D to F. What I was told… the factory burnt and many old harp records were destroyed, but the previous owner thought the harp was built in 1894, due to the serial number starting with a 4. Does this sound right?

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    charles-nix on #256749

    If you search “serial number” on the forums here, you can read quite a few posts about the fire and early L&H serial numbers.

    I saw in-person #128 a few years ago, dated to 1894 supposedly. Carl Swanson has posted that he thinks his harp #300 dates to 1898-1900.

    coz25474 on #256752

    Read through all the posts re serial number and found out that it’s somewhere from the early 1900s, or so. I was in touch with the factory about 10 years ago and they said maybe 1894, but were uncertain (it could have been the person responding was just guessing). I was thinking the members here might be able to shed more light.

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