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    unknown-user on #167162

    hey Everyone

    I just started harp lessons with a new teacher due to being quite
    un-motivated form my last teacher. She had diabetes, couldn’t really
    play the harp and wasn’t motivating me. Unfortunately, I have been
    taking lessons with her for about 3 1/2 years and she NEVER taught me
    any technique on how my hand position is supposed to be or anything.
    Now that i am with my new harp teacher, I had to basicially start all
    over again because of my hand position. Everything is fine except for
    my un-controlable pinky which keeps popping up. Im becoming a little
    depressed-lol its hard for my pinky to stay down. Any tips on keeping
    that pinky down?

    Thank you!


    Tacye on #167163

    I have been known to pop a loose, thin elastic band over the 4th and

    carl-swanson on #167164

    Tacye’s suggestion is a good one.

    unknown-user on #167165

    That is a great idea! I never thought of a rubber band

    unknown-user on #167166

    Sometimes it is useful for it to be up, if it will then lead the 4th finger in. I think you should be conscious of how we actually do use the 5th finger for balance, ballast and initiation of movement and relaxation. You have tension in it, that’s why it’s up. There is a significant muscle underneath it, along the side of the palm, which is very developed and large in pianists. You must consciously relax it and the pinky will follow.

    unknown-user on #167167

    maybe that’s why my pinky wont relax

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