Oh, Carm……is there something you want to tell us?

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    Leslie Davis on #158147

    Hi, Carm!

    I just noticed Deb’s posting asking when you’ll be receiving your harp.

    Has the big day arrived yet?????

    Carm Zephyr on #158148

    Hi Deb, Leslie and everyone 🙂

    I have not been ignoring you, my computer died and I’ve not had the internet so I’m very sorry for my late replies. I have had my harp for a week now and I just love her. She’s everything I dreamed of and more. Andrew Thom is a true magician. I couldn’t be happier 🙂
    (I call my harp a ‘her’ because I somehow feel strange calling her ‘it’)-If that makes sense? Anyway, I’m going to try and post a picture now.
    Thank you all for sharing my joy 🙂

    Philippa mcauliffe on #158149

    Congratulations Carm, so glad that you love her.

    I am going to have to take up the harp now that Philippa only plays her Andrew Thom once a week at primary school orchestra!

    deb-l on #158150

    ah, good Carm, was afraid to ask when we hadn’t heard from you was worried.

    Leslie Davis on #158151

    Oh Carm, I’m so glad for you!!

    Leslie Davis on #158152

    Deb, it’s an exciting time for Carm and it got me thinking………how are you enjoying your L & H?

    deb-l on #158153

    that’s a really nice soundtrack too Leslie!

    Carm Zephyr on #158154

    Hi everyone 🙂

    I have posted a pic of my new harp for my profile pic. It doesn’t quite show her true colours but you can at least get an idea.
    Oh yes Georgina, World Harp congress 2014 here I come! It’s something to really look forward too and we will definitely have to meet up there. I live in South Tassie and have done so for two years. Before that I lived in Newcastle NSW but I just love it here so I guess I’m here to stay.
    Deb, I have taken your advice and opened a photobucket account 🙂 I havn’t yet posted any pics. I will let you know as soon as I do so. Oh and I just love the Dances with wolves theme. There’s beauty in simplicity, I have to agree with Leslie there. It’s just beautiful and so is the theme from a beautiful mind. I love that too! Thanks for the suggestions 🙂 They are all to my taste.
    At the moment I have been plucking out ‘Son of the Wind’ from the movie ‘The Silver Brumby’. It sounds beautiful on harp. I have also figured out ‘Blackbird’ and Mna’ na hÉireann (women of Ireland) – I can’t help but hum along-(I’ll have to learn the lyrics hehe) I’ve had to stop for a day or so because my blisters are bad! Can’t wait for my finger tips to toughen up 😉

    deb-l on #158155

    holy moly that the coolest harp I’ve ever seen!

    jessica-wolff on #158156

    I blinked at the color.

    Philippa mcauliffe on #158157


    That is spectacular.

    Philippa mcauliffe on #158158


    Philippa mcauliffe on #158159

    Sorry Carm, just got to the bit where you said what you are playing…

    jessica-wolff on #158160

    Bet I would [blink at it], Georgina! I’ve been fighting pink ever since I got stuck with pink towels while my brother got the blue ones!

    Carm Zephyr on #158161

    Hi Georgina,
    I divide my time staying between the Huon valley and Margate area. I love the tranquility of far south Tazzie but to go to work staying in margate makes it a lot easier 🙂
    You are right about the cold. I’m still getting used to it. But it’s so worth putting up with the chilly winters just for the gorgeous summers! Summer is just beautiful 🙂

    My harp itself isn’t actually blue at all, even though it has come up that way in the photos. The soundboard however is a dark electric blue. My harp is ‘Kameleon’ and in person it shifts from metallic violet purple to a silvery green. The downside is that you cannot capture it’s colour on camera.
    You’ll have to play Phillipa’s harp for sure! That would be wonderful and why not? I mean if it’s just sitting there begging to be played. I’m glad to hear that Phillipa is loving her pedal harp all the same. I’ve never had a go on a pedal harp. Maybe one day as I am very curious about them.

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