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    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #229186

    My Ogden lever harp has a strange buzz. It seems to be coming from the body, but it only happens when the harp is pulled back. When all four feet are on the floor, it doesn’t happen. It is specific to 3rd octave E or 2d octave G. It is not the string ends, as far as I can tell. What do you think of that, experts?

    tanyanoel on #229194

    Ok, this may not be the issue but just in case, perhaps it is a loos foot on the harp? I only say this because I had that issue with my very first rental harp and I just could not find the problem but I noticed when I was tuning it and had all 3 feet on the ground there was no buzz. I finally found that one of the feet was the tiniest bit loose (I would never have seen it) and I tightened it and no more buzz.

    harpist123 on #229208

    Good morning! I recently spent a full day looking for issues with buzzing strings on my Triplett Eclipse. I can’t tell you the contortions I got into to try to hold this or that as I was plucking the strings. Then, as I held something near the bottom of the harp, I accidentally touched one of the washers that was between the nut and column (there are 2 that hold the column to the base) and it spun!!! (the washer). Likewise with the other one. This stopped the majority of the problem from the middle strings on down. But the buzzing continued on up to the higher octaves. So I reached up inside where the neck meets the top of the soundbox, and those 2 washers also spun, and the 2 nuts on top needed tightening. By tightening all 4, all the buzzing stopped!! I used to have an Ogden, but can’t remember how it is put together. However, as Tanya mentioned, just be sure all 4 legs are nice and snug. That sounds like a more likely fix 🙂 So many times it’s something like this, when we spend all our time trying to figure out what is wrong with a particular string/lever/etc.

    tanyanoel on #229209

    harpist 123 – how funny, the harp I was talking about in my previous post about the loos leg was also a Triplett Eclipse (which I did really enjoy playing!)

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #229245

    I did check the legs, and they seemed fine. I would think it was the string ends if it wasn’t so pitch specific.

    evolene_t on #229275

    I’m assuming that you’ve already gone through the flowchart proposed by Dusty Strings?

    Troubleshooting Buzzing Harp Strings – Dusty Strings

    It helps to pinpoint the issue more accurately. Otherwise, a harp repair shop could help.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #229281

    Well, yes, that’s why it is such a puzzle. It’s fairly loud, too, but doesn’t last for a long time, so it’s only while the string is vibrating at maximum flux. It’s partly sympathetic. When I get around to changing strings it might help.

    evolene_t on #229298

    so it’s only while the string is vibrating at maximum flux.

    I know that sometimes, when you pluck the strings too strongly for the built, it causes some buzzing. I have the same problem with my lower C on the left-hand side (I play a double-strung harp) and after troubleshooting, it’s the only plausible reason : I get way too enthusiastic!

    Here’s another link from Rees Harp

    Rees Harp – Buzz in your lever harp

    Sometimes It Really Is You 🙁
    One final note: occasionally, the problem is not the harp but the harper. A harp which is being overplayed will buzz like a hive of honeybees. Pedal harpists must have a firm technique in order to properly voice their large, heavy, gut-strung instruments. However, transferring this same touch to any more lightly strung harp is not appropriate and can often damage the lighter instrument. Harpists must adjust between instruments just as a violinist adjusts when changing to the viola or cello.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #229606

    That is not the case. This only developed after it fell and the knee block hit the floor, thankfully on a fairly thick rug. There is no other damage, no visible displacement of anything. It has nothing to do with my playing, or my student’s playing, and NO harp should buzz when people play it!

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