Number of Harps in the orchestra

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    MusikFind1 on #61435

    Number of Harps in the orchestra.

    David Daniels Orchestral Music 4th edition and its internet version – Orchestral Music Online <>
    lists the instrumentation for standard repertoire. They have these listings for the number of Harps requested or written for by the composers:

    1 harp: 2115 standard works.
    2 harps: 424 standard works.
    3 harps: 16 works (3 of those have 1 real part).
    4 harps: 4 works [1 with 4 real parts, 2 with a doubling of 2 real parts, 1 with a doubling of 1 real part.]
    6 harps: 4 works [ 1 with 1 real part, 3 with a doubling of 2 real parts.]
    12 harps: 1 work with 12 harps doubling 1 real part – Berlioz: Te Deum, op.22: Marche pour la présentation des drapeaux (March for the Presentation of the Colors)

    Tacye on #61436

    I assume the 6 harp works are the Ring Cycle and while Rheingold has parts for 6 harpists it asks for 7 harps as there is time for a harpist to move from the pit to offstage (or is it onstage?), but moving the harp would be impractical. Just in the interests of persnicketyness and all that.

    Alison on #61437

    I’m impressed by the research, to learn that there are more than 2000 individual works is staggering as is the tally of pieces with 2 parts.

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