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    tanyanoel on #216116

    For those of you whoo use notation software, what are your favorites and the price ranges?

    I am familiar with Finale and Sibelius, I used them many years ago (and many operating systems and computers ago) but no longer own them. Are their other less expensive ones that are easy enough to use for basic notation? Or am I best off simply purchasing Finale or Sibelius again now?

    Thank you in advance!!!!

    wil-weten on #216129

    I have been fond of Harmony Assistant for many years. It’s rather versatile, compatible with other music notation software. It’s easy to learn and has a great help forum. It comes regularly with new and free updates.
    You can try before you buy
    More information:

    Also, there’s MuseScore. This is free software and the new version 2.1 has lots of possibilities. If I were you, I would give this program a try. For me, Harmony Assistant seems a lot easier to work with, but maybe this is just because I’ve been using HA for many years now.

    charles-nix on #216139

    It would be helpful to specify which computer platform you’re looking for. There many on each platform–but not always the same ones.

    FWIW, I use Lilypond with Frescobaldi. No GUI–you type in the note letters/pitches you want. But I can type far faster than I can use a mouse. A 16-bar lead sheet hymn with chords and five verses usually takes me 10-15 minutes tops. And the scores are drop-dead gorgeous, even complex scores rarely require adjustment to look “right”. Items on top of each other are extremely rare.

    BUT–It is a full music typesetting programming language–and there is a steep learning curve……

    tanyanoel on #216140

    Great, thank you. I am a Mac user so would want something for that OS.

    tanyanoel on #216146

    So, I just downloaded musescore (Hey free is worth a try right!!!) and so far it is pretty easy and I have to say will probably fill my notation needs for a while!

    I will look into the others recommended as well, thank you!

    emma-graham on #216171

    You might like to look at noteflight too.

    tanyanoel on #216172

    Thanks, I’ll take a look at that one as well!

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