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    Can anyone explain me how to write the notation I must put on a score for the pedals for a glissando? If it’s possible,also the pictorial

    representation of the pedal settings for the glissando.

    I study composition, but don’t play the harp.

    Thank you.


    Jose, This is going to be hard to explain without drawing it. There are 7 pedals on the harp. On the left side, in order from fartherest to nearest the harpist: D,C,B. On the right side, from nearest to fartherest: E,F,G,A.


    The easiest way is to write in all the notes in your gliss in small notes. The

    length of the gliss is indicated by the first note. If the gliss lasts two beats, then

    the first note should be a half note, followed by your tiny scale and a wavy line

    to the final note. A pedal pattern is not necessary. Often composers try to put

    them in, and they do it wrong, and the harpist is left trying to figure out what to


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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