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    unknown-user on #167778

    Hello every one!

    Even though it’s very early in the year, I am already preparing
    audition music for the New England Conservatory. At NEC, There are
    three Orchestras that contain harp. Two of these will be open for
    new auditionees- the Youth Rep and Youth Philharmonic. So-

    I was considering playing the Debussy Danse Sacree for the slower
    movement, since its so difficult technically. Is this a good
    audition peice? If not, any other suggestions for a slower, more
    lyrical but still very challenging peice are welcome. I’ve been
    considering trying to learn Claire de Lune- has anyone played
    this… is it good for auditions?

    And, I also need a faster movement. I’ve been considering the

    First Movent of Handel in Bb. I play the Salzedo version, which is a
    bit more technically difficult. These seems like a good peice, but
    EVERY harpist in the world plays it, and i would prefer playing
    something unusual like a Ginastera concerto. Has any one played

    Handel Passacaille in Bb Minor. It isnt the most difficult peice in
    the world. Some of it is rather slow, so I dont know it would be
    considered a fast and technically challenging peice. Plus, I’ve
    already learned it and it only took about 2 months to complete it.

    any one wanna help? thanks a lot!!! 🙂


    Tacye on #167779

    Steven- find out who the jury will be.

    unknown-user on #167780

    Have you considered applying to BU also? Emily Lewis is a great harpist and teacher. I would say that almost everybody plays the Debussy, Handel and Ginastera. Not that that’s a bad thing. The Handel Passacaglia is a little too easy I might think if I were on the jury. The Bach Chaconne, Handel’s Harmonious Blacksmith or Theme and Variations might be better choices if you have enough time left to prepare new repertoire. Claire de Lune (Salzedo) is an excellent choice, but it is very difficult to play well. His En Bateau is a good alternative. Consider the Three Improvisations by William Mathias. Anne Pilot recorded his concerto, so she may be pleased by the choice.

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