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    naisha on #222433

    Hi! I’ve realised that when I’m reading posts on my phone the links people mention won’t appear, while in the computer they’re visible and clickable. I am not sure if it’s the browser I’m using, or if more people experience this.

    Veronika on #222529

    I’ve had the same problem since I started to read the forum on my phone (Android, Samsung Internet) about two years ago.

    Harp Column Staff on #222628


    Thanks for letting us know. Unfortunately we’re not seeing a setting on our end that gives us an option to turn on/off links for Android. Can you let us know if this happens on other forums you visit, or is it just at

    —Kim at Harp Column

    Veronika on #222674

    It doesn’t happen on any other websites for me. It’s definitely the mobile version of the pages that’s the problem, because if I use the “Request desktop site” option in the browser I can see the links.

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