Nieweg Chart: Pictures at an Exhibition, 2016

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    A Clinton F. Nieweg chart showing sources and details of arrangements of the Pictures for Orchestra, Band and Ensembles has been posted on several sites.

    In addition to about 30 arrangements for orchestra or band which include one or two Harps, the chart includes information for this arrangement:
    Arr. FREUND, Erin (b. Iowa City IA. 1984)
    Pictures at an Exhibition (Mvts. 1 to 16)
    Pedal harp duo
    Pub. Tropp Music Editions ©2014

    Nieweg Chart
    Pictures at an Exhibition; By Modeste Mussorgsky
    A Guide to Editions
    Compiled January 2016 Clinton F. Nieweg

    1. The Chart is archived on SOLC – Symphony Orchestra Library Center.
    See the right hand column under Special Interests.

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