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    Zen Sojourner

    Lots of people post to several of these BBs looking for a teacher.


    It seems to me that all these sites want is to take our hard-earned money, and try to monopolize the market on teaching. Do you realize how much money they take in if they can get a few thousand people to pay them $100 a year?! And do they document the responses their teachers get? Probably not. And you’re out the money. I think teachers should be found in traditional, human contact ways, or local advertising. Don’t you? And why aren’t more people making referrals to each other?


    I take offense to these sites that want you to pay to register when there are perfectly good

    sites suc as the Lyon and Healey and the which

    are respected sites and have their own teacher listings free of charge. I would much rather

    see people use these sites than the paid ones.

    Best regards,


    Zen Sojourner

    I’m sorry, but you’ve listed some pretty strange objections to this site.

    Firstly, while I didn’t realize they were charging for registration, it doesn’t much surprise me.


    >At $24 a month, its not onerously expensive.

    Are you kidding? That’s very, very


    I might have mentioned also that google ranking goes by how you are linked from other

    high-ranking sites (except for the ads, of course), so unless other places are linking to this

    site, it’s not going to come up at the top of the list anyway.


    Sorry, my last post wasn’t clear. That site comes up as a paid ad, not as the first google

    listing. I myself never click the ad listings

    Zen Sojourner

    I quote myself:

    “Secondly, they’re asking for less than $2 a month to list one’s self as a teacher. That’s less than $24 a year.”

    “$24 a month” was a typo.


    Thanks for the clarification. There is a paid ad slot (the most expensive) at the top,

    though, FWIW. The side ads are usually more general–google your name and you’ll see

    “get best deals on zen sojourner” or “find zen sojourner on”. The top slot is

    tailored to the search terms, and that’s what they have.

    If you think it’s worth paying to get a link from there, well, that’s anyone’s personal

    decision. On Mac browsers it has a colored bar behind it to differentiate it from search

    results. I don’t let my windows computer online

    so I can’t say how it looks in IE for pc.

    $24 a year is a lot more reasonable, but I personally wouldn’t do it. Chacun a son gout.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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