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    HBrock25 on #149353

    Hello everyone

    A brief introduction, My name is Nick Axworthy, I am a software developer based in Evesham, England.

    I know very little indeed about

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #149354

    For me, a tuner has to be a light, individual piece of equipment with an electric cord, and it should be very padded so if it falls on the harp it won’t ding it, or get damaged. I would like to have an oscilloscope function with the analysis of wave shape possible on them. I am used to having a needle show me the pitch. I need to know how many cents it is sharp or flat. I like Korg tuners for that. I don’t like strobe displays. I would be interested in helping you, but I am not putting a computer by my harp.

    We also need to be able to regulate the pitch, is it a=440 or do we need it higher or lower? It is all the more useful if it is also a complex metronome, one less piece of equipment. I also like my Korg because it has temperament settings, not that I use them.

    nick axworthy on #149355

    Thanks for your interest

    armande-fryatt on #149356

    Nick give me a call, I am based in the UK 01767 631123 and we can discuss further.

    nick axworthy on #149357

    Thanks to those who responded

    I hope you got my email replies – I appreciate the time difference is an issue.

    I made some more

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