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    I am preparing to begin teaching lever harp to an eight year old who

    is very excited to learn.


    Bethany, Until recently all previous harp students were learning only from printed music, or in some cases, by direct teacher demonstration in the first months. Now that there is video, much more can be learned between lessons on the student’s own time. This means the same student might learn more, and sooner, assuming that he or she does watch the video several times before the next weekly lesson. The late Phyllis Schlomovitz, a harp virtuoso, was asked by the Salvi Harp Company to make Video 1 and Video 2, to go with her excellent Volumes 1 and 2, Beginning Harp Book. Phyllis’ daughter, herself a fine harpist, appears in the video and demonstrates the pieces in the books, which are suitable for an eight-year-old who can progress from titles like Blind Mice Song, through theory explanations and short exercises, to some repertoire by Bach, Sibelius, and others at the end of Volume 2. Surely a teacher gives additional material to the student, according to individual progress and need, but I have found that the inspiration of the video presentation, when used correctly along with the printed music, is a definite plus. Especially for the harp, where live harp recitals to attend come rarely, and where a student is often the only one in neighborhood or school that chose the harp, the video presentation


    Bethany- Patricia’s suggestion is certainly a good one, and one of many

    possibilities out there.


    I have enjoyed using Harp Olympics (McDonald/Wood) for Beginning students, who don’t have good reading skills.


    Small Tunes for Young Harpists by Bonnie Goodrich is excellent for beginners at the harp.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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