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    deb-l on #158063

    sheila, I’m not sure why you posted still looking for lever harp music, I posted a link to many sheets suitable for a smaller lever harp such as your own.

    sheila reiss on #158064

    Sorry Deb. I must have overlooked your previous post. I’m actually new to the Forum world. Not quite sure if I’m using it correctly and respecting Forum “edicate”, if there’s such a thing. I hope I’m not abusing the privilege. I’m actually looking (very excitedly) at the offerings at Melody’s. It’s like looking at a banquet table when your hungry. You want to try a little of everything. I’m going to take my time and choose wisely. I with my music experience, I feel confident that I can train myself. I intend to purchase instructional and exercise books. I’m well aware (having been teaching classical piano for the past 17 years) of the absolute necessity of proper exercise and technique training. I think I will be relatively successful. Perhaps not polished without the watchful eye of a teacher, but enough
    to satisfy myself as a hobby harper. Thanks for another response. All of you have been quite helpful and encouraging. A true sign of people with a passion for music.

    deb-l on #158065

    sorry I guess I had your name wrong Sheila.

    sheila reiss on #158066

    Thanks for the encouragement. Do you mind if I ask how long
    you have been playing for? I’m sure Orchestral harpists (or harpers) might not take l9 strings seriously, (though interestingly there seems to be quite a world of folk harpist out there enjoying small Celtic lap harps), but of course one has to start somewhere. Speaking from a financial point of view, I resolved to be content with the 12 string until someday…but my sweet husband could not bear seeing me that limited. So now the l9/lever. As with my own piano students when they are just starting out – I recommend borrowing a small electric keyboard. I never suggest parents run out to buy a 11′ Steinway! Everyone has to get a feel and determine
    whether or not this is actually what they were anticipating.
    Sometimes they find out they don’t enjoy it the way they thought. As for me, I think I already know. I know what it will take for practicing commitment. I know (as I also tell my students) there are not shortcuts. Slow, steady, consistent practice makes for quick progress. As I said, I’m at this moment looking at Melody’s. I like how they offer samples to view. My harp only reaches to F below Mid.C. This restricts my accompaniment a little. I suppose I can take the piece up an octave. Or perhaps shave off a note from the left hand triad. Manipulation will be the name of the game I guess until the next upgrade. Sheila

    deb-l on #158067

    lots of people start out with smaller harps Sheila.

    sheila reiss on #158068

    Interesting point Deb about taste in music changing depending on what you play. Three types of music I’ve never cared for have been rap, country and Irish (I hope I’m not offending you by any chance). However, where the harp is concerned, I have
    always loved Celtic. Funny, since this of course includes Irish. Just a few days ago, while searching the basement for something, I came across some misplaced cd’s. One of which was called Celtic Charm. All harp. I bet I purchased it at least ten years ago. Always loved the harp. Also interesting that you mention finding just the right harp. Nine years ago we purchased a small motor boat. Prior to buying it, I did some research on what is the best kind of boat to buy. (Kind – not make). The first thing I read was that there is no such thing as the “perfect” boat. It comes down to what YOU need in a boat. Everyone will be looking for something different according to where and how they will be boating. Larger boats are not trailerable. Smaller boats are not suited for salt water. You get the point. I guess the harp situation is similar. Right now, small…Celtic…self taught. Later? Who knows. I’ll enjoy the journey though. Congrats on your new Harp!

    John McK on #158069

    Interesting comment about “Celtic” v. “Irish.” Can you articulate more what you like about Celtic (or even what you mean by the term) vs. “Irish” ? I’m not trying to start an argument – I am fairly curious though. By “Irish” do you mean the dance tunes – jigs ‘n’ reels and such, or something else?

    I am in the midst of *downsizing* my harp – I had a very nice 36-string lever harp, and am trading “down” to a much small historical harp with fewer strings. . . It al depends on what ya want.

    sheila reiss on #158070

    Sure. What I was suggesting by “Irish” music was what my mother-in-law typically enjoys. The traditional vocal pieces….”When Irish Eyes Are Smiling”..etc. Beautiful songs. Just was never my cup-o-tea. When I referred to “Celtic” music, I used the term loosely as I’m not sure exactly what its is other than the fact that it is provided as the genre for the type of music I’m interested in. Things like “Sally Gardens…or “Ash Grove”. I’m a novice in this area. I get the feeling that pieces of work like these go way back. No offence to anyone that loves the “sing-alongs”. I’ve studied classical piano for 44 years. I like and respect all types of music. However, as I said…some you take to more than others. Some less. I’m sure there are many out there who couldn’t listen to more than a minute of Mozart. (Heaven forbid!). Gotta respect it. As for jigs ‘n’ reels…I like them. Can’t play them….but I like them. I’ve only had a harp in my house for less than a week. I’ve just discovered this site and am looking for advice myself. I envy your ability to play 36 strings. Oh heck…I’m jealous. Good for you. As my piano teacher has always said to me…”Aren’t we fortunate to have the privilege of music in our lives”. Indeed. Best to you.

    deb-l on #158071

    does that mean you decided on the Campbell Wartburg John?

    John McK on #158072

    I was torn between a Wartburg and a Boston. . .

    deb-l on #158073

    oh so lucky John!! I’m jealous!

    John McK on #158074

    See the posting in “Harps & Accessories”

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