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    Jane Smith

    Back to pick your brains again.

    Susan Ottzen

    Step by Step
    Songs for Sonya
    Harp Olympics Primer
    Colorful Adventures on the Harp
    First Harp Book – Betty Paret


    The ABC of Harp Playing by Lucile Lawrence is based on learning to read and play at the same time by literally instructing that, having the student say the note as they read and play it. It is completely basic, a good first book to use. I use it along with Betty Paret’s first book which has cute tunes that I


    Jane, since you asked for suggestions for a harp method, just about the most current one is Harp For Today by Susann McDonald and Linda Wood Rollo. With numerous color photos, and exercises from the most basic to more advanced, I believe it is adaptable to most beginners of any age. It has no pieces, just drills, technique, and quite a few pages of advice. However, this allows you to choose pieces that just fit the student. The patterns are easily memorized so that soon the student can play sections by ear, with eyes on the harp strings, which I find very valuable.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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