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    Penny McCulloch on #111302

    If you haven’t heard the new Sweeney Todd movie soundtrack, get it and enjoy! Whether or not you like Johnny Depp’s and Helena Bonham Carter’s renditions, I know you’ll enjoy the harp accompaniments! Anyone know who the harpist was?

    Evangeline Williams on #111303

    The orchestration for ST currently available has two options….one with harp, and a smaller one without.

    Penny McCulloch on #111304

    Thanks for the link, Evangeline. I totally agree with the reviewer! Unfortunately, the liner notes do not list any of the musicians, other than the conductor.

    It’s very sad when the harp (and other instruments) are eliminated from the pit orchestras–and worse yet, when they are replaced by digital keyboards!

    catherine-rogers on #111305

    I played in the pit for a local production of this show in ’95 or ’96. I didn’t want to do it after listening to the original cast recording because (I thought) it sounded creepy and I didn’t like the steam whistle. It turned out to be one of my favorite shows and great fun. Ironically, the harp was real and the steam whistle was electronic!

    As to shrinking the pit orchestras, there’s a group in New York that puts on shows called Forbidden Broadway. The songs use melodies from popular shows with lyrics that are parodies and funny critiques/comments on the shows and/or performers. Their performances are available on CD.

    One that really caught my ear was the opening melody from Sweeney Todd (“Attend the Tale of Sweeney Todd”). The words tell of a production that was so scaled down that they called it “Teeny Todd.” At the end, the lyrics say:

    “To think that one of his (Sondheim) shows today

    No one can afford the original way…

    It’s teeny,

    It’s teeny Todd…

    The smaller version of Sweeney.”

    It all comes down to costs. It’s sad.

    Penny McCulloch on #111306

    Thank goodness that a rich, full orchestral version (minus a few selections) is now available with the movie soundtrack! No “teeny Todd” this–it’s totally terrific.

    Evangeline Williams on #111307

    I thought I heard somewhere that the original original ST production used the concept of the cast was the orchestra.

    unknown-user on #111308

    If you get the special (or extended) edition of the cd, it has all of
    the musicians listed in the extensive liner. If I had it with me now –
    I’d let you know the name of the harpist.

    Penny McCulloch on #111309

    I have the special edition with the booklet, but the only musician I see listed is the organist. Maybe there is another version???

    katie-lynch-koglin on #111310

    I don’t have an answer to your questions, but I LOVE playing this show!

    Christian Frederick on #111311

    I don’t know who the harpist for Sweeney Todd… but…

    Did anyone see THE KITE RUNNER? I came out about the same time, and there is a harp credit for JoAnn Turovsky. She was incredible. The movie is one of my all-time favorites also…..

    David Ice on #111312

    Hi Catherine,

    It’s off topic, but since you mentioned “Forbidden Broadway”, there’s also a hard-to-find CD of the same troupe, doing “Forbidden Hollywood.”

    carl-swanson on #111313

    Evangeline- I think you may be referring to the touring production of Sweeney Todd that is out now. In it, there is no orchestra, but the whole cast is on stage the whole time and they all play instruments. When they’re not acting a scene they are accompanying whatever is going on musically. it’s a fantastic show and I highly recommend you see it if you get the chance. The ‘orchestration’ is very stripped down and at times almost non-existent, but it works very well and actually makes it easier to hear and understand the singers. The most incredible thing is that for the entire show, which is almost 3 hours long, the whole cast plays their parts from memory!

    catherine-rogers on #111314

    Many thanks, Dave. It is available (for a premium!) and I have ordered it for my husband’s birthday. I’m sure we will both love it.

    Evangeline Williams on #111315

    That’s the version that was on B’way most recently.

    laura-stokes on #111316

    I have been asked to play for a local production of this show next year.

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