New recording I did.

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    mr-s on #208418

    Hello my friends! I did record Handel Passicaille yesterday hope you like it.

    Regards and much respect


    Donna O on #208419

    Very lovely, Basel

    mr-s on #208429

    Big kind of you Donna! Thank you very much.


    hearpe on #208438

    Really nice! Do you play professionally?

    Paul and Brenda on #208620

    Fabulous playing and nice video.

    Jerusha Amado on #208725

    Very nicely played, Basel! Thank you for sharing!

    mr-s on #208774

    Hello hearpe and thank you very much. I didn’t understand really what did you mean in am I playing professionally? Sorry just to answer you correctly 🙂

    mr-s on #208775

    Big kind of you Paul and Brenda, thank you for the nice compliment.

    mr-s on #208776

    Thank you dear Jerusha! So kind of you. My regards. Basel.

    goatberryfarm2010 on #220023

    That is lovely, Basel.

    balfour-knight on #220037

    Basel, thanks SO MUCH for this outstanding video! We do hope you are playing out in public so that folks will hear and see what you can do so well. You may just start a trend in your new country and make them fall in love with the harp!
    With best wishes and harp hugs,
    Balfour (and Carol Lynn)

    Alison on #220057

    Hearpe, Basel is a Syrian professeur of harp who had to take cover, sit it out and then flee the city of Homs with only the clothes on his back, so he lost everything including his instruments. It takes time to recover and get reestablished in a new foreign country & culture etc. My summary might have inaccuracies so apologies to Basel.

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