New Prelude 40 flaws

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    Gregg Bailey on #255874

    Hi, Wil,

    I agree that there would likely be evidence if the turned body happened in transport, and I would think the whole base would be noticeably loose, but the bottom of the harp all seems plenty tight. Since new harps of this model and finish have become so rare (this was the only new one I could find!), and the wait time to have one made is as long as 6 months, I’m just glad that I was able to get this one and that the misalignment isn’t severe enough to be noticeable by most people unless pointed out to them. I was quite upset when I first noticed it (didn’t notice it until several hours after unboxing it), but it’s actually not bothering me so much anymore, especially since I only notice it if I quickly look back and forth between the 2 corners of the bottom of the soundbox. We’ll see what the harp center and L&H come up with.



    balfour-knight on #256086

    We do hope they will come up with at least a discount, Gregg. This sort of thing should not slip by at L&H–it will give a great company a bad reputation! We all know the saying, “a good reputation is won by many acts and lost by ONE!”

    Best regards,
    Balfour and Carol Lynn

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #256210

    I don’t see anything wrong at all. It seems to me that you are nitpicking. A handmade instrument is likely to have slight variations, as you pointed out, or someone else did. I don’t see a major change in the string spacing. What matters is the sound. 3/8 of an inch is tiny. Just enjoy it.

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