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    Gretchen Cover on #211753

    Alice Giles is a phenomenal harpist and instructor. She has a number of online classes and today just offered a new 4 week 130 minute beginner class. When you take her course, you will have permanent access to the tutorial videos. You can find the link on her website Those who saw her on the Virtial Harp Summit will understand how she gets her points across so clearly and logically. Personally, I hang on her every word and plan to take her Hindemith Sonata course next Spring.

    jsmoir on #254732

    I signed up for this about a year or two ago, started it, and then found a local teacher. It all seemed too ‘easy’- but, like all things, the devil is in the details. I came back to it (because my membership didn’t lapse) about four months ago (COVID) and realized that Alice’s approach (especially teaching lifting and placing) is nothing short of FOUNDATIONAL. She has answered all my questions, I am lifting and coming back to the strings, getting better all the time, and have asked her to do a Course for Beginners #3. She also now has a Harp Class option, which I would encourage teachers to involve their studios in! Her pedagogy is sound. Excellent! (FWIW, I am a college Voice instructor)

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #254802

    You may not have a local teacher with a similar approach, but there are a good number available, and probably any one of them will do lessons by video call. I do.

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