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    kathy-chanik on #209044

    I stumbled onto what looks like a new L&H website last night, at least it’s new to me. It’s beautifully done with lots of pictures, but the thing I really love is that it looks like they’re making the Style 17 again! Yippee! They had discontinued it several years ago, I think they wanted out of the business of making semi-grands. The new one is a little bit different, it looks about the same size as the old one but now it has 47 strings and comes only in natural, no gold option. They’re also making the ebony and bronze 23 again.

    But I couldn’t find a price list anywhere on the site-can anybody explain why? Same thing on the Camac website. I can’t believe harp prices change all THAT often…

    frances-duffy on #209121

    It is a new website, looks great! The prices are on the page for each harp. Click on the picture and the price is listed along with the description. There doesn’t seem to be a separate page with prices anymore. They have indeed included the 17 as a 47 strng “concertino” instrument. What a nice surprise to see it back in the line up!

    kathy-chanik on #209125

    Frances, clicking on the harp pictures gets me exactly nowhere-I can only click on the “request information” box, and the technical details of each harp are at the bottom of each page. Tried both the iPad and the computer…can you tell me how much the new 17 is listed for?

    frances-duffy on #209189

    It is $29,950.

    Here is the webpage:

    to the left of the “click for more information button” is a price. In addition, under the “finishes” example there is now an arrow that points to “See prices page for general terms and conditions”

    I suspect they hadn’t finished the website yet and having been adding these things since you first saw it. I don’t remember seeing the “”prices page” reference the other day.

    frances-duffy on #209190

    Here’s a copy and paste of the text from the webpage:

    Created in 1918, the Style 17 is a traditionally-designed harp which features the elements and style reminiscent of the French Renaissance. As a concertino, it is slightly smaller than a concert grand harp, which is ideal for a more petite harpist.


    Arrow See the Prices page for General Terms & Conditions.

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    Tacye on #209192

    You only get the prices if you set the webpage to US (at the very top right). You don’t get them if it thinks you are ‘rest of the world’.

    frances-duffy on #209194

    That makes sense!

    kathy-chanik on #209198

    Tacye and Francis, thank you both! That little trick of putting USA in the top right corner did the trick, and then all sorts of info came up. Very helpful.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #209278

    I heard a while ago that they are also resuming manufacture of the Style 15, which is good news, too!

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #209279

    Whatever harp you get, spring for the glossy finish. The matte finish looks dusty, not good on stage.

    kathy-chanik on #209285

    Saul, I love a glossy finish too-but is L&H really offering a choice of finishes these days? That would be a first…yes, building the 15 again would also be good news. Interesting that they’re going back to building some of the smaller models, not everybody fits well behind a full size concert grand.

    Jerusha Amado on #209299

    I wonder why Lyon and Healy doesn’t offer a gold option for the 17? And I also wonder if the spacing is too tight in the upper register to accommodate 47 strings on a semi grand? Has anyone had a chance to test drive the latest version of the 17 yet?

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    carl-swanson on #209306

    Jerusha- I would be worried too about squeezing the strings closer together. But the old style 17 had 46 strings, so it’s just a matter of adding the bottom C, which never engages with the action. I think it probably took just a little finagling to make room for the bottom C without altering the spacing. That’s my guess.

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