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    Dave Boling on #246403

    Just a short announcement that I am now making lever harps for sale. The design I am building is a 34 string model. Details, sound samples, and contact information can be found at I will also answer any question posted to this forum thread.


    Dave Boling

    balfour-knight on #246473

    Hello, Dave!

    Thanks for your post. Your new harps look well-built and sound very nice, with Sue Richards arrangements played by Olivia Hitt! We wish you all the best in your new endeavor.

    Harp Hugs and best wishes,
    Balfour (and Carol Lynn)

    Dave Boling on #246475

    Thank you for the compliment. It’s a joy building them. The only frustration is the pandemic closing down all of the opportunities to allow others the play them.

    Dave Boling

    balfour-knight on #246502

    Dave, we sympathize completely. Just remember, this too shall pass.
    Cheers to all of you!

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