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    Elizabeth Kelly

    Hi there everyone,

    I’m looking for some recommendations for new gig music and am hoping that some of you might be able to help. This music would mainly be for background music for banquets, open houses, private parties, etc. I’ve normally played some selections from Sylvia Woods’ Romantic Songs, other standards such as Over the Rainbow, Wonderful World, etc., as well as some light classical music.

    I’ve been wanting to play some lighter and more upbeat tunes and would love to hear any suggestions you all might have.

    Thanks for your help!



    If you like Sylvia Woods’ arrangements then try her other pop arrangements. She has books of Beatles songs, John Denver, and her book of 60’s music are all very fun to play and I find that people really enjoy them.


    “Nocturne” from the group Secret Garden is a pretty tune! The piano sheet music I found/downloaded is very harp friendly as written. The music I bought says it’s by Borodin, but it’s the exact same music that’s also listed as by Rolf Lovland. He also wrote “You Raise Me Up” which is becoming quite popular with brides. I believe there is a harp arrangement of that one.

    Billy Jones

    I have really been looking to keep it fresh this time.


    Delve into folk or folklike music. By “folklike,” I mean “They Call the Wind Mariah” or “I Was Born Under a Wandering Star” from musical comedy or “Donna, Donna” and “Rumeniya” from Yiddish musical comedy/Klezmer. None of those is upbeat except the last, but there is “Oleanna” (American folk song) or “La Bastringue” (French Canadian folk).

    Pat Eisenberger

    Do you like a slightly “jazzy” sound? Frank Voltz has some great original music plus Christmas music and hymns. You’d never know from the sound that it was fast and easy to learn!


    I would second that for Frank Voltz’s pieces …

    Try …

    Ambience, Celestial, or Dreaming of You … these would make great additions to any type of background music.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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