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    Well – we bought a Sante Fe and I love it!

    Evangeline Williams

    congrats on the sante fe!

    Leigh Griffith

    Hi Evangeline,

    I’m sorry the Subes didn’t fit your needs. Yes, we used the internet
    discount at the Subaru dealer we went to. Looking online was almost our
    only option. I wanted a wagon with standard transmission and none of
    the used car dealers within 60 miles of me had one. The dealership a
    four hour drive south of us had 10 standard wagons for me to choose


    Ann Marie Liss



    My parents have Toyota Sienna van, that they outfitted with a wheelchair lift. It appears like it would work perfectly for a harp. It comes forward from the van, dangling straps into which you could place the harp, then it would lift it up and into the van, you secure the straps, and then it would hang suspended, untouched by any bumps or vibrations. Seems like it could work.


    I have a Toyota Highlander and love it.


    How many people would want harp trays like I described and how much would you pay for them? I thought of someone who could build them.


    I did it!


    Katie, do you have a concert grand? I’ve been waiting for the Matrix to go hybrid, but if the Prius works….

    (I currently have an escort wagon, which takes up to a semi-grand fairly comfortably. I *can* move my 11 in it, but I wouldn’t want to do that more than once a year or so.)


    I need to update – I still love my Hyundai Sante Fe – but in rereading
    the posts I realize I made a mistake in reading and replying – I don’t
    load my harp it’s column, it lies on its SOUND BOX when it is in its


    Barbara, I’m currently moving a concert grand Venus, but I’m switching to a concert Venus in about a month.

    Evangeline Williams

    Okay, so much for the Camry, it got totaled.

    Victor Ortega

    Hey Evangeline,

    Sorry to hear about the Camry going to harpmobile heaven.


    Has anyone tried Passat VW station wagon? Starting with the 2006 model the overall length has been increased but the dealer was a little fuzzy on the measurement of the “harp-space”. The diesel gets around 50

    Lisa McCann

    I know that this is an old thread, but I thought I’d add my two cents.

    I’ve had a lap harp for a few years, and just purchased a 54″ high Merlin R harp.

    If you have a lever harp of this height or smaller, you might want to consider a Saturn Vue as an inexpensive harpmobile. My Merlin fits, in it’s Colorado Case, with room to spare. My 2003 Vue was $15,000, and I believe that you can get them more inexpensively now. They do well in snow, and are just about the most affordable SUV out there! I drive pretty slowly on the highway (65) and I get about 30 mpg. If I had a pedal harp I’d probably go with an Odyessey, Siena or Grand Caravan. I’d also love to consider a Ford Escape (with about the same cargo space as a Vue!) but it’s quite a bit more expensive–I believe that Edmunds is estimating year old models still at $21,000.

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 63 total)
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