New harp, new harp!!!!

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    tracey-kjonegaard on #186294

    Hi guys,
    It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on here, maybe some of you remember me? I’ve played harp on and off for the last two years….off for the last 9 months though as I returned my rental to save up for my own harp. And the day has finally come 🙂

    Last night, I got MY first harp delivered to my home and I’m beyond thrilled. It’s a L&H Prelude 40 in natural finish. It sounds gorgeous and I still can’t believe it’s mine!

    Anyway, I just wanted to pop in and share my excitement and show you all!

    I don’t know how to upload the image though? Looks like my only option is to link an image from the internet….
    hmm…well maybe I’ll be able to figure out how to post a pic later.

    Angela Biggs on #186299

    There’s nothing quite like the enchantment (obsession?) that comes with a new harp. Congratulations, and ENJOY!! 😀

    Andelin on #186302

    Congratulations!!!!! I am so happy for you. I can’t wait to see a picture. 🙂 you two will spend many happy hours together.

    balfour-knight on #186406

    What Andelin said! Enjoy!

    Sherj DeSantis on #186419


    Such joy! Congratulations. I love the elegant look of the Preludes. My Mother was very tall and the Prelude fit her best of many lever harps. To me, it was very close to a pedal harp sound too, and I LOVED the mellow tone. Enjoy your new harp. Sherj

    Sonya Wiley on #186428

    Congratulations, i know you’re glad to have your own harp!

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