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    Sonya Wiley on #144505

    Things seem to be slow on the forum lately, no new harps being shown but i just got my forever harp, a Swanson La Scuola! I know you always read not to shop for a harp on Craigslist but that’s how i found it! 59 miles away; so you never know, don’t dismiss it! i’m just in heaven!

    Angela Biggs on #144507

    Wow, congratulations Sonya! I also found my performance harp on Craigslist. It’s a risk, but sometimes it pays off big time. Enjoy your new beauty!

    Gretchen Cover on #144509

    What exciting news! Have fun with your new harp. Post a photo, too. PS/ I think the cautionary word is not to buy harps on ebay. At least with Craig’s list you can see the harp in person before you buy it. You were lucky to find a harp so near you.

    Sonya Wiley on #144541

    I would post a pic but i don’t see where to add a photo ; it was easy at the old site

    Katia on #144577

    If you host the picture somewhere– I use if I feel like being lazy and don’t care if the photo is public– then you can just use the “img” tags in the toolbar at the top of the reply box and it should embed the image in your post. Or, you can just put in a link to the photo and people can click on it, too.

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