new camac harps

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    seanduc1 on #208239

    have recently seen information on new camac models. no prices on them, though. anyone know how they are priced? they look beautiful.

    wil-weten on #208240

    Hi Sean,
    Where did you see the information on new camac models? I fid not find them here: At least, I didn’t find new lever harp models.

    hearpe on #208243

    Here’s a nice entry level Bardic 27 harp at a good price. Nothing new though.

    hearpe on #208257

    Ooops- somebody just erased my post ??? It appears on the log, but is no longer there. ?? shalom.

    Anyway, At 63 I’ve found I’m preferring this 27 or so sized harp, although I think 29 would be the most logical size because then it has 3 even octaves and starts and ends on the same tone- to resolution on the first root. (I have to wonder if the corporate monopoly- somewhat hostile to our sedate instrument, and delivering us NOT this arrangement much, took exception to this comment? Or is just trans Woman bugaboos AGAIN)

    Anyway, the Mickel Celtic 27 I got on the cheap a half year ago, isn’t quite the wrestling match my Mikel 34 is, at 63. Both are relatively heavy but sturdy full levered harps. My Lightweight Stony End 22 lap has been seeing more play as I try new ideas and relax in an easy chair.

    I’ve set the 34 up to match the string gauges of the Dusty Ravenna, with steel strings on the lower octave, but the 27 I’ve gone to monofilament nylon as the nylon wound strings have broken- it might push the bottom red .60 gauge C string but the others have good sound and tension and it saves a lot of money not having to buy wound strings, and the monofilament seem to last longer , the peg wound part not pulling any more tension than it’s thickness, unlike nylon wound. I’m at an age and situation I want to play the harp and minimize its’ maintenance .

    Also thinking that I could probably do with partial levered, I still prefer the full set. Reese Harsicles and Sharpsicles don’t see a bad buy and are fairly lightweight, but I don’t have one and am good here, and probably will be for life.

    Happy Harping!

    wil-weten on #208258

    @ hearpe. Your two posts above have nothing to do with the subject and as such are polluting the subject. Please, start your own discussion threads.

    hearpe on #208264

    After 2 days on an otherwise dead thread and very slow board, why do you care, and then do the same thing ? If you wore headphones, would they be on the ground?

    andy-b on #208273

    Hi, Will – the new Camacs can be found through the link you posted. Go to Collections, then Pedal, and they are the first two listed – the Art Nouveau and the Canopee. Salvi also has some new pedal harp models that can be found on their main site at under Premium (the Victoria and the Diva) and under Special Collections (the Whitney).

    wil-weten on #208274

    Thanks for your kind information, Andy.

    I do hope there will soon be some new developments for lever harps too.

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