New Book: Harp Making in Late-Georgian London

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    Mike Baldwin on #253051

    After 10 years of research, including many discoveries, my new book, Harp Making in Late-Georgian London, is now available from all good bookshops and online stores. More details are available on my website –

    Harp Making in Late-Georgian London
    by Mike Baldwin

    At the end of the eighteenth century, after the French Revolution, the centre of pedal-harp making moved from Paris to London. There, building on the work of its Bavarian originators and Parisian developers, mainly immigrant makers elevated the instrument to new musical, technical, and decorative heights, and placed it in the hands and salons of the British upper classes and aristocracy. Until recently, the story of harp making in England has been dominated by the Erard family who built about 7,000 of an estimated 20,000 harps made in London during the nineteenth century; some 20 other makers have been all but forgotten.

    This book, the story of harp making in late-Georgian England, assesses the role and consumption of the harp in society whilst describing its decorative and technical development. Forgotten makers and their innovations are identified. Through the lens of newly discovered documents and the reinterpretation of others, Jacob Erat’s manufactories are reconstructed. His working methods, illustrative of those used in the wider industry, are rediscovered, and employees and suppliers are revealed anew.

    ISBN: 9781527265110
    428 pages
    Price: £60

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    catherine-rogers on #253054

    I have bought this book and it is amazing! Beautifully done and meticulously researched. Lots of pictures and diagrams. I’m thoroughly enjoying it, and it will take some time, as it is a large book! Thanks so much for this! A great addition to my harp history collection.

    Mike Baldwin on #253111

    Thanks for your kind words, Catherine. I’m really pleased that you’re enjoying my book. Mike

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