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    randal on #222214

    I hope this is okay to post…

    I am discussing implementing a program at my local (non-profit) homeless shelter whereby those in need will have some access and means to foster or maintain a relationship with music through playing instruments. I will be using my own instruments for this.

    When I first conceived of the idea and began discussion with the shelter three years ago, I had a roomful of various stringed instruments to donate for the program – guitars, banjos, etc. Unfortunately, my family was suddenly tasked with a fast relocation out of state for my wife’s job, necessitating a purge of all of these instruments. We’ve returned, and I’m starting over with this project…but I just had this realization that the (lever) harp would be particularly effective for this purpose for a variety of reasons. I can bring my three harps with me, but I only have a bag for one of them. So, if anyone should have any kind of old, torn or otherwise unused bag for small harp, I would be interested in discussing it. Many thanks! – Randal

    catherine-rogers on #222220

    It would be difficult for us to know what size harp cover you need, so why not look for used or inexpensive sleeping bags, especially children’s size? Look at Good Will or Salvation Army stores, thrift shops, clearance stores, etc. If an adult size is too large, cut it in half and either sew the edges or, if sewing is a problem, seal raw edges with duct tape or gaffer’s tape. They don’t have to be beautiful, just serviceable.
    That’s a quick fix if you don’t have time to sew a custom cover from an inexpensive twin bed size comforter (I’ve done at least 5 of those, sealed with velcro). Mainly you want something padded and washable.

    randal on #222224

    Thank you. I have one small harp and one floor harp.

    Padding and wash-ability aren’t such a priority, really, but rather secure straps, and convenience.

    Unfortunately, I have arthritic hands that prevent me from most anything requiring much manual dexterity – such as repurposing sleeping bags.

    *But you know, you’ve inspired me to start hunting around again for something to make it – and the sleeping bag WOULD be good for the small one. Maybe I’ll try that. Thx

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    randal on #222260

    I had an idea last night. I’d about forgotten about my hammered dulcimers – sitting in the closet, unused. These will be great for this purpose.

    randal on #222957

    FWIW, I found a bag today that fits pretty well – they said it was a “Christmas tree” bag. :

    In case anyone’s interested, the project’s been going well. Folks like that bluegrass stuff, so I’ve been using guitars, fiddles, banjo, mandolin, and accordion. Some friends have donated a few instruments.

    I finally today found out where I can stow instruments, so I won’t have to haul everything in each visit – that’s a bit of a challenge 🙂

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