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    Barbara Henniger

    I have been playing harp for just over a year. I have been renting a Dusty Strings Ravenna 34 from my harp teacher, but want to purchase my own harp now that I know I am totally in love with the harp. ( Don’t tell my husband!! just kidding, he knows and supports me in my love of all things harp.)

    I live in a small community south of Penticton, BC Canada. For my American friends, that is just an hour north of the border in Washington state, on Highway 97. The next largest centre north is Kelowna and I am about 5 hours from Vancouver, BC.

    My desire is to eventually learn to play pedal harp but want to start with a Prelude 40 first. It will give me a feel for the tension and string distance of a pedal harp. I want to know if there is anyone who can let me try out their Prelude 40 since there are no Prelude 40s in stock in any of the stores within a reasonable distance from me. I am a 57 (on the 13TH of April) year old woman so I am one of those “Beginning in the Middle Types”.

    The harp hits me at a spiritual level I never expected. I have a good teacher who plays in an orchestra but she also plays jazz and pretty much anything else, so I am lucky to be progressing quite quickly. She recommends I try a Prelude 40 before I buy one.

    Can anyone help me out? I can bring cookies or flowers!!!!

    Thanks for all that I have learned on the forum. It is a great resource and I have learned harpists, harpies or harpers, whatever you want to be called, are a unique and wonderful group of people.


    Barbara Henniger

    Time for an update! I had the opportunity to try a Prelude (38 and 40 string) and my new Prelude40 is already waiting for me to pick up in Vancouver in the next few days.

    I don’t think I have ever felt so excited about anything before. Playing the harp has become much like a spiritual journey for me. The hardest thing is to be patient and realize it will take many years of study to play at the level I want to. I have one year under my belt so can only just dream about how it will feel after many more years of practice. Right now I have to be content about playing beginner pieces well.


    But Barbara, here’s the best part- there are lots of gorgeous beginner pieces that if played well, really sound great.

    Enjoy every minute!


    Believe me Barbara, your excitment will just keep growing and growing.

    Miriam Shilling

    Barbara, the nice thing about the Prelude 40 is that you may never feel the need to “move up” to a pedal harp.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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