Need someone to repair Tryolean harp

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    ipswichclam on #197798


    I am not a harpist, but I have been asked by a colleague to help her evaluate and repair a broken Tryolean folk harp. I believe she purchased this instrument in Germany or Austria, probably in the 1990’s. I believe the sound board is broken, but I will need to confirm that.

    I consulted a local harp technician who did not have any experience with these folk instruments, and consequently did not know of a repair shop to recommend. She suggested posting the question here.

    I will try to get some photos and more information, but does anyone have any recommmendations? The harp is the Boston area, but the owner may be willing to bring someone in from another city.

    Many thanks!

    Biagio on #197805

    Two respected harp makers nearby are Carl Swanson (on this list) and Rick Kemper in Maryland.


    carl-swanson on #197806

    Biagio- I appreciate the recommendation. But I only work on pedal harps.  I hope there is someone around who is willing to work on this instrument.

    gail-lever on #197814

    October Mountain Folk Harps ( is in western MA. The website says, “<span style=”color: #141412; font-family: ‘Source Sans Pro’, Helvetica, sans-serif;”>I also offer repair work on any make of harp.” Might be worth a call.</span>

    arepeee11 on #197822

    Hi my name is Michael. I can most likely repair your harp. I am the harp maker from October Mountain Folk Harps and live in West Stockbridge, MA. I would be happy to take a look and let you know if I can fix it and how much it would cost. You may contact me here or go to the website and either call or email. A picture of the damage would be helpful.

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