Need repairs for lever harp in SC / GA area

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    Zohra Badat on #222153

    Hello! I am in need of repair work on the feet and sound board of my lever harp. I have exhausted all the avenues I can think of in the Charleston SC area. Is there anyone who can recommend someone in SC / GA / NC /FL area?

    Thank you for any help!

    – Zohra

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    charles-nix on #222154

    Howard Bryant is in Richmond.
    Cunningham harps is in Atlanta (don’t know if they work on others)
    I do repair work in Chattanooga.
    Atlanta harp center may know of someone.

    If you want to post photos, and make/model of harp, someone might have additional ideas.

    catherine-rogers on #222161

    Robert Cunningham is no longer building harps and does not work on any but his own (if still that).

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