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    I use the limo solo for the “Taxi” category

    I use both a Taxi and Limo together for the Limo PA.

    All these categories pre-suppose that the harpist has a fair degree of comfort and is not forcing things for volume.

    Alison’s Westling Nova is as loud as most pedal harps and we usually amplify at +30 background and about the same for foreground so she has full use of maximum dynamics of the harp in concert.

    Any +36 harp should be used with the Limo not the Taxi for better base representation.

    Bought my Taxi for $250 used and billed over %50,000 in new types of gigs to it before I stop counting. Ten years later I am still using it on the fourth battery. I have literally tortured it and just continues irregardless.

    I agree with all the previous Taxi/Limo comments previous.

    Stephen Vardy.

    Sarah Mullen

    I play outdoors events all year round and I love my Crate Taxi.



    Sarah Mullen

    I thought I should add that I’ve just purchased a Roland Cube Street, and so far it’s great.

    Paul and Brenda

    We use the Roland Cube Street too and love it.


    On the picture ad of the Musicians’ Friend store, it mentions that the yellow Crate Taxi amp is no longer made.

    David Ice

    I’ve used a Crate Taxi for probably about 10 years.

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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