need pedal harp in honolulu

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    Sallie on #73516

    I’m retired but will be in Honolulu for 6 to 12 months. Would love to have a practice instrument, preferably

    jessica-wolff on #73517

    Sylvia Woods? But I think she’s on another island.

    harpglo-jean on #73518

    yes, Sylvia’s condo is on the island of Kauai (Princeville)…..

    Sallie on #73519

    Thanks to both. I’ll check with Sylvia. She may have an idea.

    Misty Harrison on #73520

    Years ago I tried to rent a harp on Hololulu for a performance. The harpist there, whom I was referred to through the AHS, was extremely rude and unhelpful. I hope you don’t run in to that person because it was just a terrible experience altogether.

    Sallie on #73521

    I’ll hope to avoid that person!

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