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    It may be visually confusing since it’s not red but yes you can.

    Karen Johns

    You can certainly use the B or A string for your C, just color the string with a red permanent or paint marker. Since it’s your highest C, you probably won’t be playing it that often anyways, so this quick fix should do the trick.

    Another tip- make sure you back out the tuning pin quite a bit before you re-string. This way it will line up with the other pins when you wind in the string and won’t throw off your regulation or cause extra stress on the string at the angle between the guide pin and tuning pin.

    Natalya Zarraga

    It’s funny that you say that about the tuning pin, because when I called Stoney End to order a replacement string, the lady I talked to said the same thing, and when I looked, I realized the tuning pin was a little farther back than the others around it. So, that might be why it broke when I was tightening the string.

    Well, I know better now, so I fixed that problem and this new string had better not break. I think I might just wait until I get the new string, since my Lorraine is older than the stringing chart on the website (it’s actually from around 1994! Wow, I was just four then), and the string that I thought would work felt kind of thicker than the string I was using for some reason (it was also in a pack of three, so I couldn’t really tell which was which). I’m kind of paranoid, so I don’t think I want to risk wasting another string, since I think that high C could wait. It should get here around Tuesday, but since I’m going on a long car ride to Tennessee for the summer on Thursday, would it be better for me to re-string when I get it, or wait until I get up to TN to do it? Speaking of which, would I have to loosen the strings any? I’m not sure if all that applies if it’s just going to be sitting in the back of a van for about 14 hours.

Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)
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