Need help about playing at a wedding!

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    Natalya Zarraga on #146553

    Hey everyone. So I got an e-mail last night from someone interested in having me play harp at her wedding in October of 2012. This is actually the first time I’ve been contacted like this! Up until now I’ve only done singer-songwriter type gigs, so this may be my first harp gig (first paid one, too) if it goes through. Since I’ve never done this before, I wanted to ask everyone for help before I reply to the e-mail. She told me she’d like me to play for the “ceremony” and from 5-7 PM.

    What all do I need to do and keep in mind when I talk to this person? I know I should have a contract, could anyone send me an example so I know where to start? (My e-mail is

    Also, can anyone recommend me some wedding sheet music books or what repertoire I should learn? I can already play some folk, pop, rock, and video game music, and I would like to learn some stuff that may be standard in weddings. Should I consider amplification? I play only lever harp right now (a Stoney End 29-string Lorraine).

    She wants me to give her an estimate. I live in the middle TN area. What would be a fair price to charge per hour? Is it standard to try to arrange a meeting to talk about it or pick music? I don’t want to look like a total amateur, even though I, well, kind of am. I guess we all start somewhere. I just want to do this right!

    And ANYTHING else you guys can tell me, would be great. Thanks so much!

    Elizabeth L on #146554

    What kind of ceremony is it? Catholic, Methodist, Luthern, etc., JP or what?

    patricia-jaeger on #146555

    You posted under Professional. Since you may be paid for this first wedding, and go on from this one accepting more paid engagements with your harp, go to the online

    andee-craig on #146556

    I recently purchased and read Anne Roos’ ‘The Musician’s Guide to Brides’.

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