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    michelle-winston on #163123

    I have been asked to do a funeral for a friend and they want Ave Maria as a harp solo…..can’t find anywhere….if you can email it to me I would be very thankful.


    Fairy Reel on #163124

    ‘Ave Maria’ is probably one of the best known songs ever–it is EVERYWHERE! Seriously. Go to a bookstore–Books A Million, Barnes and Noble, etc., and they will have a music section. Look for a wedding book, check to make sure it has Ave Maria (if it doesn’t I’d be SHOCKED) and BUY it. Chances are good you’re going to need it again. Some classical anthologies may also have it.

    I don’t actually even PLAY the piece and I have at least two versions.

    If you are picky and want a harp arrangment, get it airmailed from a harp center or a music store. Rhett Barnwell does a nice arrangment, and I’m sure there are other versions also.

    Good luck. And I am sure you will find it somehwere.

    barbara-brundage on #163125

    > Rhett Barnwell does a nice arrangment,

    Yes, this is very beautiful, but it is an original version, not one that people will recognize. Also, it’s with voice, I think, not a solo.

    Just one caveat: since you are posting in amateur harpists, Michelle, be aware that either the Schubert or the Bach Gounod have a lot of pedals/levers, so it may take a little practice to get this performance-ready.

    Fairy Reel on #163126

    I thought he had two arrangments: one original, and one traditional.

    Anyway, Michelle, I suppose that is something else to look out for. But seriously, that song is everywhere.

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