Need advice on my new double strung harp.

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    Zale Blackwell on #158503


    I recently upgraded my 26-String Sharpsicle, into a 52 string Skyedancer double strung harp from Blevins. I find that playing the double strung harp allows you to cross over on notes, and to perform some special effects.

    However, are there any performers that I can study and improvise on?
    Do you have any tips or tricks concerning the double strung?
    I would enjoy to hear any input- Negative or positive on the double strung harp.


    patricia-jaeger on #158504 might be helpful. She is a performer and teacher and one of her harps is double-strung.

    Rachel on #158505

    There are also books published just for double-strung, although I’ve found that some of them hardly have any points in the music where the hands cross/overlap or echo/duplicate notes, so shop carefully!

    jessica-wolff on #158506

    Harper Tasche has some YouTube videos on double-strung harp.

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