Need a question answered by any harpist who plays in public.

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    lourie-stewart–2 on #155958

    I am addressing this post to anyone who plays harp in

    What is the question most asked when you are playing in

    tony-morosco on #155959

    “How long have you been playing the cello?”


    “Don’t you wish you learned to play the flute”

    Followed closely by

    “Can you play Stairway To Heaven?”

    Sherj DeSantis on #155960

    Is the harp hard to play? My standard answer, “No, it really isn’t. It takes practice like anything else. It is however, hard to play at a professional

    hannah-roberts on #155961

    “How long have you been playing?” and “Is it hard?”
    I have had some memorable questions about the colored strings (are they just for beginners, do you get to pick the color, etc.) One in particular I’ll never forget. I’m an American living in Canada, and the night after Obama was elected, a girl came up and asked if I colored my strings red, white and blue in honor of Obama!

    patricia-jaeger on #155962

    Ref to 4

    Hannah, Years ago a Lyon and Healy President (Danish, but I forget his name)came to my large city and gave a talk about the company, He mentioned that when American harps were first being built, other countries had been using green, purple and other colors and Lyon and Healy decided that we would set our own standard for string colors : the red, white, and blue of our flag. So that seems why you see red for the C’s, blue or black for the F’s, and clear or white for the rest. It has nothing to do with any U.S. president, past or present. So that girl who asked you the question was

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