Need a pedal harp to rent long term in Chicago

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    madelaine-gutierrez on #68986

    Hi guys,

    So I’m looking for a harp to rent in Chicago. I’m 17 years old and about to start senior year of high school and hope to be heading to the University of Utah next fall as a double major in Psychology and harp. I haven’t had a harp in 6 months now because I can’t find a renter in or near Chicago and the few I have found are asking for a fortune. At this point I’m going nuts. I need to start preparing my audition pieces for college. I have never had my parents support with anything and I’ve been paying for my harp alone since day one. I can only work a part time job being a full time student so obviously I cant just shoot out $350 a month as much as I wish I could. If anyone has a harp in or around Chicago that they are willing to rent out on a long term rental I’d love to hear from you. The harp would reside at my house and my house only. It will not be moved unless talked over and approved to do so by the renter so you wont have to worry about it being damaged. Also if you would allow me to take the harp down to Utah with me for college that would help me so much but it isn’t necessary. My harp teacher will be assisting me with every aspect of this rental including transportation.

    I’ve checked with Lyon & Healy they only rent for 4 months and then you either return or buy and I can’t buy so I’ll be in the same situation as I am now.

    I also tried Venus and they never once picked up the phone in the many times my harp teacher and I called. They also want a $650 NON REFUNDABLE deposit.

    kreig-kitts on #68987

    Harps Unlimited International has a rep in Chicago.

    Bryan Taylor on #68988

    Hello Madelaine,
    Renting any pedal instrument, especially a new instrument is always going to be expensive. Looking at a student flute rental as an example, many students pay $15.00 a month to rent an instrument with a value of $300.00 or so. This is 5% of the value of the instrument. If we apply the same formula to a harp, even an older pedal instrument in good condition will sell for $7000.00 – hence the $350.00 is justifiable. In my opinion, you will never rent an instrument from a dealer for too much less than $250.00 – it is a difficult world out there – all these things cost money – for dealers as well. I would hope and expect the university in Utah to have a school instrument which you could use while there. I do find it interesting that you cannot ask for some support from your parents but you are hoping a stranger will come along and help you with an instrument.
    Best Regards.

    Lauren L on #68989

    I do not think it’s unreasonable to inquire as to whether someone is willing to rent a harp that they own at a “discounted” price because she is trying to finance their music education on her own. While I agree that the prices are most likely reasonable, it’s not always the case. I rented a bassoon while in college for $250 for 6 months and Bassoons can cost just as much as a Pedal Harp. So, it just depends on who is renting to you and perhaps they’re happy just to have income coming in from something that was sitting on a shelf. The economy is rough these day and someone who has a harp that they’re either not using or an extra harp might be interested in making a little money. The situation has to be right but it’s not an impossible situation. The young lady did not ask for someone to lend him a harp for free. It sounds a bit critical if we were to question her search simply because her parents won’t or are unable to finance her pursuits. I can understand this as the harp is the first instrument I wanted to learn to play, yet my mother was a single parent and harps weren’t easy to come by for rental 20 years ago. So, I had to choose another instrument.

    Lauren L on #68990

    Hi Madalaine,

    I too suggest contacting Harps International. They offer both rental and rent-to-own programs. I recently contacted them about a rent-to-own program so that I could explore a particular harp I do not have much experience with and they have been incredibly helpful. You may be able to secure a used pedal harp rental with them. It is worth a shot.

    Also, you might want to put an add in your local paper or perhaps a flyer at the local library. Sometimes individuals have instruments that have taken on a decorative feature in their home for one reason or another. Perhaps because the intended recipient is no longer interested in playing (because we’ve never seen someone lose interest in a whim before…albeit an expensive whim). The instrument might require regulating but, it might be worth it.

    Best of luck and I do hope that your intended University has an instrument for you to play or a resource for you to acquire one at a reasonable rate.

    All My Best,


    madelaine-gutierrez on #68991

    Yes I know it’s a difficult world I learned that at a very young age thanks for reminding me. And no I can’t ask for support from my parents because my father is dead and my mother has never cared about anything because she re-married and spends her energy on her other kids. I’d appreciate it if we’d keep this on the harp and not on my reasons to seek help from a forum that’s designed to aid people on their issues with an instrument. So you can keep your ignorant comments to yourself and go bash someone else out. I actually feel the need to apologize to you for not having an amazing, caring, loving, and supportive family like the one I’m sure you came from and apparently everyone else who plays this instrument as well. Some of us aren’t that lucky, get it through your head.

    Philippa mcauliffe on #68992

    It will not be such a problem at the University where there will presumably be harps that you can work with

    madelaine-gutierrez on #68993

    No I can’t she has two harps but their both at her place and I only have lessons once a week. I’ve decided to quit. Just cant afford it and I’ve been looking for a while. Waste of my time. I’ll leave the harp to those who can actually afford it and have the support for it. Thanks for all the help guys.

    wil-weten on #68994

    I think your university may have workable solutions for you, like someone else in this thread already mentioned.

    Why not contact your university? Seems to mee the most logical way to go…

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