Need a Harp for photographing with a model in Mooresville NC area

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    PREM MUTHU on #71708


    Is there someone in North Carolina near to Mooresville who can rent a harp for the day for photography purpose ?

    dr prem

    Sarah Mullen on #71709

    I doubt you’ll get many volunteers in the professional harp world.

    Anonymous on #214396

     I also think that this is not the best idea. But I like to photograph musicians, especially when they are passionate about their favorite thing, recently found an interesting article on a similar topic

    wil-weten on #214403

    I don’t get this, but the OP posted his question several years ago, so it’s probably no longer relevant.

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    carl-swanson on #214408

    Once in a while I get a call from someone who is trying to rent a harp for a day so their cousin from across the country can play at their wedding. I generally pass these on to local harpists, who I tell to charge your normal gig rate. Then you transport the instrument, wait while the harp is being used for the ceremony, and then transport it home again.

    For this photo shoot, I’d advise the same thing. Charge whatever you would normally charge for a gig that is going to eat up the better part of a day, bring the harp to the location, wait, and watch, as the photo shoot is being done, then bring the harp home again. That way, the harp is never out of your sight.

    David Kitamura on #214421

    I hate to be a buzzkill here but this topic post was from June, 2011. I would hope this matter had been cleared up by now.

    hearpe on #214585

    Yes, my mother died just then it’s been six years-too long a time.

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