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    Hello, today I discovered this harps made ​​in China. I ‘m very curious to know more of them. Has anyone had a chance to try them?
    I’m from Argentina and here I’ve only tested the Lyon & Healy and Salvi.

    thank you very much


    I haven’t got the chance to try them, but I found their website: the English version seems doesn’t work yet. Reading from another forum where someone talking about the harp bought from them, said the sound of the harp is quite nice, and it used the gut strings imported from the UK. I try to attach photo they posted


    another photo


    From their “About Us” page:

    Nanjing Yingpai Harps Ltd. has been working hard to develop and produce high-quality harps and related products. Over the course of the past dozen-odd years, we have gathered talent including experienced performers, teachers from higher education, and front-line technicians with ample experience, to form our development team. On the foundation of perfecting traditional European and American harpmaking techniques, we have forged our own unique harpmaking method. Our harps are refined, their tone is lovely and clear, their sound is stable, and they are acclaimed by professional troupes and experts. Yingpai Harps serves as an export portal for domestically produced harps, moving into the international market, and its products are in use in over a dozen countries in Europe and the Americas.


    Product #17(Professional Harp LDP-1, 47 strings)

    47弦,从第一个八度G到第七个八度C (47 strings, from G1 to C7)
    琴高:190㎝ (Height: 190cm)
    宽度:102cm (Width: 102cm)
    音箱宽度:55㎝ (Soundbox width: 55 cm)
    重量:40㎏ (Weight: 40kg)
    琴柱:桦木、枫木,全实木雕刻 (Pillar: birch, maple, all carved real wood)
    音箱面板:云杉 (Soundbox face board: Spruce)
    表面处理:轿车烤漆,白色和金色 (Surface treatment: Automobile paint, white and gold)

    Price (in China, at least): RMB60,000 (exchange rate right now makes that USD $9,626 or so).

    Phone: 13815874275 FAX: 025-52160587

    The Web site is still largely empty, even in the Chinese version…that probably doesn’t bode well. But it might be worth contacting them directly if you’re still interested. If you fax in English and write very simply, that will often work.


    I don’t know if it is safe to assume there is only one pedal harp maker in China at the moment – possibly not. The Chinese harps I have tried seemed to be reasonable students instrument with OK sound. But not rivals for more expensive harps in terms of quality – for instance the edges of the action plates were not smoothed and would shred my knuckles playing the top octaves.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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