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    Gretchen Cover

    I’ve been playing duets with another musician. We’re now serious enough about this to formally call ourselves a duo. As such, we came up with a name. I checked online to make sure no one else is using the name. My question: Is there a need or way to protect your music group name or is there simply an honor code amoung musicians that says you don’t use someone else’s name? (Big name groups get a trademark, but we’re not remotely in that league nor have the money to do so.)


    I would say there is a bit of an honor code. I’ve been in a performing duo for 6 years now, and while our name is unique, I can’t imagine someone taking it. One solution, without going through the process of trademarking it, is to establish a website right away. Even just purchasing the domain name (which is cheap) will help others from accidentally choosing the same name. I think in general, we as musicians want to have unique names so we’d rather not take one from someone else 🙂 (Not saying it can’t happen though…)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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