Name of my concert ideas pls ………………………..

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    mr-s on #150505

    Hello , i am going to do a concert of harp and flute,

    carl-swanson on #150506

    Why doesn’t he want to be listed in the concert title?

    mr-s on #150507

    Carl he is not against that,but he said that if this concert is my 1st concert solo so , i will play also some solo, but if you have idea of a name for harp and flute i will be thankful.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #150508

    Flarp? Hute? I don’t really understand the questions.

    mr-s on #150509

    i think my question is very clear, and please i am not interested in giving question to my question, please if you have an answer please answer………..

    kreig-kitts on #150510

    One fairly straightforward name for the concert would be”

    “(your name), harpist


    (flutist’s name), flute

    In a concert featuring the works of (composer A, composer B, and composer C).”

    or something direct like that. I sometimes prefer something direct over concert titles that are too clever.

    But perhaps if there is some general theme to your music selections, maybe the time period, composers, subject or style, that could help give ideas for a name. “Baroque music for harp,” “French classics for harp and flute,” “An evening of minimalist pieces for harp and flute” etc.

    I guess I’ll never win a contest for most interesting event title, but at least people will know what to expect when they attend. What are some of the pieces you plan to play?

    unknown-user on #150511

    How about for some inspiration, look at your CD or record album collection and observe the type of music being presented in the album, the musicians involved and whether there is a theme running through the album that connects the selections – and then what the album has been named – I would also take into account where you are giving this concert and who is your expected audience – do you need to keep it “classy” or can you have a little fun with the title –

    “An Evening of Classics for Harp and Flute”

    “Music for a Spring Evening”
    Basil Sara – harp
    with James Galway – flute

    “I Didn’t Know You Could Play That on a Harp”
    – transcriptions for harp and flute –
    Basel Sara – harp
    James Galway – flute

    hope this gives you a start –
    give us some more details on the music, the location and the name of your flutist and we’ll put our collective heads together –
    Best to you

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #150512

    The address would be wherever you are performing the program. It doesn’t necessarily need a name.

    tonya-a on #150513

    “I Didn’t Know You Could Play That on a Harp”

    Thanks, John – you just gave me a great idea for my next recital!

    Mel Sandberg on #150514

    If it was my recital, and if enough people understand English quite well, and if it isn’t a too extremely formal setting, I would call it:

    My harp and soul…

    Are you perhaps going to play Blossoms of R. Taki?

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