Nail Polish??? 0.o

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    shelby-m on #107811

    Recently, I have seen quite a few videos on YouTube of live harp performances–or just clips of your average Jane Doe playing at home–and the harpists were wearing nail polish.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #107812

    I tried a clear polish a couple of times, and it thickened my nails enough to increase buzzing. It is visually distracting on stage to have any color on. The worst is bright red, especially on pointy nails. I thought it was a point of pride for harpists not to wear nail polish, to be unusual.

    Misty Harrison on #107813

    I have to ask. Why were you trying nailpolish Saul?

    jessica-wolff on #107814

    Occasionally players of other plucked string instruments, such as the guitar, will use colorless nail polish to strengthen their nails, but then they use their nails in playing, which isn’t the case for most harpists, except for players of ancient Celtic and Central or South American harps. Saul is right, colored nails look distracting.

    Jessica A on #107815

    I agree that nail polish is distracting.

    unknown-user on #107816

    I wear nail polish.

    tonya-a on #107817

    I don’t wear nail polish as a matter of preference – I think it makes my short fingers look even shorter.

    unknown-user on #107818

    That really made me laugh, I had this image of the Watkins Fire Dance and all this blue nail polish shredding off and going all over the room! or all over

    Misty Harrison on #107819

    Almost all nailpolishes are made with formaldehyde which is not good stuff. I don’t wear the stuff but I do wear sleeveless dresses. I am not comfortable when playing with a lot of material on my arms.

    shelby-m on #107820

    This is probably way off-topic, but I just realized that I’ve never seen a harpist wearing a wristwatch while playing…. is there a reason for this or just coincidence?

    unknown-user on #107821

    formaldehyde?????? the stuff that they use on dead bodies??? That is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard! I will have to reconsider my passion for nail polish.

    Sylvia on #107822

    I wear my watch all the time while playing.

    andy-b on #107823

    I was asked at one of the harp showrooms many years ago to take off my wristwatch prior to trying out the harps, just to avoid accidentally dinging one. And a friend of mine had a roommate

    unknown-user on #107825

    OMG!!!! Toxic fumes??!!

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